Welcome to the 2019 version of my portfolio site!

Its not completely done yet, but I still felt that it would be better to get it out there, and update it while going forward, instead of presenting something that was (at this point), over a year old.

The intent moving forward is to:

  • Fix smaller issues with the overall design (There are a couple kinks in the responsive structure, that needs to be ironed out)
  • Updating the sidebars (especially within the case-studies)

And the most important thing:

  • Finishing up the first case-study (on AquaSolution’s Remote Feeding System), which can be read here.

Beyond this I intend to keep the blog section slightly more up to date than before, by adding some discussion on things I find interesting.
In addition to writing the following case studies:

Additionally i will expand upon the text found within

And Add more sketches, and complete designs in the Graphic Design Section.

Thats it for now.
Thank you so much for both visiting my site, and reading!