After my studies at the University of Bergen (UiB), I moved to Sandnes, where I soon began to work for Offshore Systems, where I still am today. The original plan was to stay in Rogaland, however life seemed to have other plans, and due to certain changes to in my personal life, I intend to return to the city next year.
Before moving down to Sandnes, I completed my master’s degree in Information Science at the UiB. At the same time I was active with multiple different projects, as well as participating in elective activities such as the Student Council for Information, and Media Science, and working multiple part-time, and summer positions.
This CV is split into four parts, first I intend to detail my work experience, before moving onto my education, and then ending with my technical background, and skills.

Consultant – Designer & Developer for Offshore Systems / AquaSolution

November 2017 – Jan 2019

After my studies I accepted a position as a consultant at Offshore Systems, through the recruitment agency – Ansett. At Offshore Systems I had a wonderful opportunity to both develop my skills, as well as learn an immense amount of new skills, and obtained a wealth of deeper knowledge in my fields.

As the only designer at Offshore Systems I have taken on a wide spectrum of different tasks, and have in the last year had sole responsibility for Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Graphic Design, Visual Analytics, as well as designing and cultivated the entire graphical user interface (GUI) for the project I worked on.

The project I was assigned to was to be part of the development team at Offshore System’s subsidiary – AquaSolution. As a member of this development team I – as previously mentioned created all of the design specifications, as well as aided in the development, where I worked on both the front-end (HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS), and the back-end (MongoDB).

For a complete description of the project, and my work, please check out my case study, where I delve deep into the details of all of the work, both triumphs, and stumbles.

Summer Assistant – Cairn Energy / Capricorn Norway

July 2016

Worked as a summer substitute for two weeks. My main tasks were data collection from an oil and gas database.

This data was gathered by querying an SQL database, and compiling the relevant data in powerpoint presentations to be used internally within the company.

Seminar Leader, University of Bergen – Interaction Design (INFO262)

January 2015 – May 2015

worked as a teaching assistant, where I held seminars; covering topics not presented during lectures, in addition to providing guidance to students with their semester assignments. Additional to the seminars I also graded papers in collaboration with the course professor.

recommendation from Professor Kaptelinin

Seminar Leader, University of Bergen – System Utvikling (INFO212)

August 2014 – December 2015

I was an assistant for the course System Utvikling (INFO 212), where my main task was to provide guidance for students with their semester projects, mainly with how to manage development in agile or traditional development teams. Additionally I also graded and provided feedback on the student’s’ project initiation documents before they started their projects.

Recommendation from the university

Skarr Media ANS DA

Spring 2011 – January 2015

Web development startup company, created together with two other students. Together we worked on a total of six projects, with customers such as Humanistisk Studentutvalg (Humanist student council), and Student Parlamentet i Bergen (Student parliament in Bergen). The projects are described in full here.

Throughout its existence I worked as: CFO, Designer, Developer, and Vice-President.

STAS – Securitas Transport Aviation Security

June 2011 – November 2013

Alongside my studies I worked weekends at Bergen Airport Flesland as a security guard in the airport security.


Through my eight years at the university I worked towards two goals – to improve and develop my skills within IT development and design, and to challenge myself to learn new fields, and master multiple areas. Throughout my education, the main focus has been Software Engineering, and development in addition to Human-computer Interaction.
Alongside this focus I have also completed courses in Artificial Intelligence, Semantic web, and database management.

I have managed to complete all of my education due to having a very good mind for logics as well as a drive to learn, and to always be a better software engineer and designer.

Master’s Degree – Information Science

August 2014 – June 2017

During the degree I completed advanced courses in Software Development, and Artificial Intelligence.

My thesis itself was written on the topic of User Experience in Digital Games Interfaces, and was done through conducting an empirical study of the impact of interface design on user/player experience in digital games. The work on the thesis is outlined here.

Bachelor’s Degree – Information Science

August 2012 – June 2014

The degree was focused on learning and working with development methodology, programming, and interaction design.
My studies taught me how to program with Java and Android, database management (SQL, Xpath, Xquery), agile and traditional development methods (focus on agile).
I also worked with Semantic web, and learned Human-Computer Interaction methods (Interaction Design, User Experience, User-centered Design), prototyping tools, and evaluation methods.

Bachelor’s Degree – Digital Culture

August 2010 – December 2012

The degree was focused on studying new media, and internet technologies.

The studies taught me Web Development, and Design, XML, PHP, and how to research and learn new topics.

Additionally this degree was what ignited my thirst for the field of IT and development.

Bachelor’s Degree – English

August 2009 – June 2010

Cancelled after completing the first two semesters, in order to focus on other areas of interest.

Technical Background

This section describes the skills and expertise I have acquired throughout my work, and education.

Designing and Implementing User Testing

Throughout both my project work at AquaSolution, and during my education I have executed multiple rounds of User Testing, and evaluations. The past year I worked closely with fish farmers, first with interviews, then with focus groups, and finally with multiple large scale testing sessions, where I tested my own developed wireframes and prototypes.

For the different evaluations I have prepared testing areas, set up observation equipment (video camera, screen capture, sound recordings, and innumerable pages of notes)

Competitive Analysis

Before designing our system at AquaSolution I first performed competitive analyses of other systems, in order to learn how they worked, what the benefits of each system was, as well as the problem areas.

Additionally I created flowcharts of the interaction with each system, in order to understand how the users interact with each of them.

Focus Groups

I have lead multiple focus groups, both as part of my university projects, as well in work settings. While in the early stages of development, and design of our system at AquaSolution, I invited three users to a focus group.

During which I lead discussions of the fish farmers work day, what their needs are, what they would like to be easier, what their focus during their work is, etc.

Prototype & Wireframing

When designing our software at AquaSolution I created countless prototypes form low-fidelity, to high. My process usually entails drawings, and sketches on paper, and post-its, increasing in fidelity, until I move onto prototyping software

During my education I worked with Axure, and Balsamiq, while in recent years I have mainly used Adobe Experience Design (XD), in order to create interactive wireframes.

Designing & Writing Case Studies

As my masters thesis, I executed an empirical study of interfaces in digital games as part of my thesis. Through this I first tested the interfaces with four users, with varying experience with games, before analyzing, and evaluating the GUI.

I also executed various studies through both my masters, and bachelors degrees.

Programming / Development

During the last year, I have assisted in the development, and programming of AquaSolution’s software, often taking the role of researching potential solutions, describing structure, and implementation of specific functionality – such as our WebRTC driven video management system (VMS), which I also wrote all of the CSS design for.

Throughout my education I have worked with: Java, Android, Semantic Web ( RDF, OWL, and XML), AI (through the use of Java), database management (both relational databases with SQL, and Xpath / Xquery), in addition to web development with HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, and working with the CMS Drupal.

Visual Analytics

To present all of the data collected through our MongoDB, at AquaSolution. I studied, and learned how to use the analytics tool Tableau.

Through this I designed data visualizations, which could concisely present statistics within areas such as environmental data, ocean data, and fish health statistics.

Development Methodology

Throughout my education I have both practiced and tauch various methods.

I have mostly worked with the agile methods: Scrum, XP, and Kanban, but I also have good familiarity with traditional methods such as Waterfall.


  • Design:
    • Prototyping
    • Wireframing
    • User Testing
    • Focus Groups
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Evaluation Methods (Heuristic, Critical Incident Technique)
  • Programming (Languages):
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • SASS
    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • Android
    • MongoDB
    • SQL
    • Xpath / Xquery
    • XML / SOAP
    • RDF
    • OWL
  • Tools:
    • Adobe Experience Design
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Atom
    • Eclipse
    • Balsamiq
    • Axure
    • Inkscape
  • Development:
    • Agile:
      • Scrum (Practical, and theoretical)
      • Kanban (Practical, and theoretical)
      • XP (some practical, mostly theoretical)
    • Traditional:
      • Waterfall (some practical, mostly theoretical)