Horses in Space

Keywords: Android, Digital Game, Adventure Platforming, Agile Development, Scrum, Software Engineering

This project was completed as a semester project for Advanced Topics in Software Engineering in the first semester of my masters degree. For the project the class was split into two, and each group became an agile team tasked with coming up with a project which was then pitched to our professor. The project was to be completed as an agile development team using the Scrum framework.

My team decided as a group to create an Android game, which we called Horses in Space. The concept was a side-scrolling adventure/platforming game, with the story being the last man on earth, and his horse set out in the universe to find a mate. Due to the somewhat absurd concept for the game, we decided upon an 80’s science fiction aesthetic, where everything was intended to be over the top insanity. 
The work was done by splitting the team into one programming, and one design team that worked from the same space. This allowed both groups to work separately, but still have input on both areas of development. 
used Trello to set up user stories, and developed the game for most of the autumn semester of 2012. 
Throughout the project I mainly worked with the design team, where my main tasks was User Experience / Player Experience lead, and support for graphics, and logo design. 


Keywords: Android, Rock Climbing, Agile Development, Software Engineering

This project was completed as a semester project for my Systemutvikling course as part of my bachelor’s degree. The concept was a rock climbing guide for the Bergen Klatreklubb (BKK), and was completed as a three-man team.

The business case was that the printed guide for climbing routes in Bergen was out of print, and would quickly become outdated. Therefore, an updatable web/app solution which would be accessible while on a climbing trip would make much more sense. The user group was intended to be the members of Bergen klatreklubb, which has approximately 800 members. 
The work was completed as an iterative development cycle within the agile framework. During the project, we pair programmed the majority of the system together, while each of the members split of to create separate forks, which could be linked back into the app later. I was specifically in charge of integrating google maps into the app, in addition to working together with the other two members of other parts of the Android development. Additionally, all of the prototypes were created together as a team.


Keywords: Semantic Web, Web Application, SPARQL, Advanced Modelling

This project was completed as the semester assignment for my Advanced Modelling course as part of my bachelor’s degree.

The project was completed as a three-man team where we created a web-app for parsing mattilsynet’s Norwegian Food Composition Table (NFCT), and adding semantics to the system. The intent was to create an ontology, then link the NFCT to existing ontologies, in order to ultimately provide a SPARQL endpoint to enable smart searches through a web interface.

Smart Airport Security

Keywords: Human-computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Web Application, Prototyping, Wireframing, User Testing

This project was completed as one of two semester assignments for my Interaction Design course as part of my bachelor’s degree.

For the interaction design course, we were given two assignments, one to be completed in a group, and one individual. The individual project is outlined below in the Other Projects section. When completing the course I worked weekends at the airport as a security guard in the airport security, and due to both my experience within that field, as well as knowledge of the frustrations felt by passengers, I suggested for my group that our project could be designing a better interaction for the passengers to get through the security as easily and painlessly as possible. 
The concept was a smarter solution for airport security, where most of the interaction would be through touchscreen interfaces. This would automate most of the security check, allow for faster flow of passengers through security, as well as alleviate some of the pressure put on the security personnel, allowing them to instead focus on the overall security of the passengers instead of how many milliliters of liquid each passenger brings 
For the project we prototyped and designed a web app for this system, as well as outlined the optimal floor plan, and space needed for the system. 
After creating personas, wireframes, and prototyping the system, we designed a functional prototype which we user tested with other students of the university.

Airport security Paper

Other Projects

Additional to the projects outlined above I also completed multiple other projects as well as wrote dozens of reports and papers. In this section I intend to outline some of these, while also linking full versions of some of the papers.

Individual Project (Interaction Design)

For my individual project in Interaction design I evaluated the system UI found in the game console the Nintendo Wii U. For the project I performed both a heuristic evaluation, as well as a specialized version of a cognitive walkthrough.

Interaction Design Paper

Software Engineering

Additionally to my group project – Horses in Space I also wrote both a presentation (From Chaos to Kanban, via Scrum), and an article (Agile UX, possibilities and practices) 
My presentation outlined one development team’s progress from development without a clear method, to employing a version of Scrum, before their final decision of employing the usage of Kanban style development. 
The article published for the course focused on UX’s position in agile development, and studied implementation possibilities and problems with integrating UX design in Agile development teams.

Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

In addition to my software engineering course I also completed a course in Artificial Intelligence. For this course I wrote a presentation on applying Reinforcement Learning for playing the digital game StarCraft: Brood War, and a report on the implementation of a neural network AI for playing Ludo.