Who am i?

Hi, I’m Kjetil. I’m a firm believer that equal access to information and technology is both a necessity for the world, and one which aids in allowing for a more fair, and inclusive society.

I’m sceptical of the status quo, and believe that we have the possibility to improve upon the ways of today, to better the world of tomorrow, and transform how people consume and comprehend information.

Technology is unbelievably fascinating, and it is moving at an unbelievable pace. Therefore I believe that it is necessary to have a constant thirst for new knowledge, and new ways of adapting this knowledge for the products we develop for the future.

As for myself, I’m a 30 year old Software designer, and engineer, specialized in Interaction Design, User Experience design, and front-end development.
I enjoy challenges, and therefore I am always looking to challenge myself. This has for instance lead to me starting a web development company, as well as constantly looking for new challenges, and skills to acquire.

This past year I’ve been fully immersed in the world of aquaculture, and fish farming, through my work with Aqua Solution. During this year I have as the sole designer of the company, led the design of Aqua Solution’s fish feeding system, where I cultivated the entire visual profile of the system, tested, prototyped, wireframed, and designed the entire graphical user interface – in addition to the entire information architecture, and all icon and graphic design.

Aside from my passion for tech, and software engineering, I am also an avid hobby chef, that likes to keep many pots going as the same time, meaning that I excel in stressful situations and do not have any problems keeping many balls in the air at the same time.

I love music – especially on the loud and noisy side, and have an ever-increasing collection of vinyl records. I am a self proclaimed lover of coffee, and have at times been called a coffee snob.

And above all else I am a father, and love sitting down with my five year old son to build lego, or piece together a puzzle.

Thanks for stopping by.

“On the basis of my experience I can describe Kjetil Buer as a competent, responsible, reliable, and well-organized person, a good team player, with excellent knowledge in interaction design. In my opinion, Kjetil’s skills, knowledge, and personal qualities make him an excellent candidate for a wide range of job positions, including those related to analysis, design, deployment, evaluation, and/or studies of interactive technologies, and I can recommend him without reservation”

Victor Kaptelinin: Professor, Department of Informatics, Umeå



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